Turnkey Projects

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Hytasu provides turn-key solutions for greenhouse projects across the full spectrum of the horticulture industry. From planning to completion, our greenhouse services and products are customized to the unique needs of each grower. The phases of installation include:

  • System design, preparation & greenhouse construction
  • Greenhouse covering
  • Ventilation & cooling equipment
  • Benches
  • Architectural, civil, mechanical & electrical engineering

By understanding every corner of a commercial greenhouse operation, we can offer advice on:

  • Planning greenhouse with expansions.
  • Planning for people, product and supplies movement (conveyors, bench
    transport systems)
  • Service buildings (Product packing / staging/ shipping area)
  • Loading docks
  • Pesticide storage (freestanding, isolated)
  • Fertilizer room
  • Employee facilities (rest rooms, locker rooms, offices)
  • Workshop
  • Storage areas
  • Physical plant (boiler room, backup power generator, fertilizer mixing and
    water treatment facilities, backup fuel storage )