Greenhouse screens

From simple shade screens to blackout systems or external screens Hytasu can give you the best high quality materials available to help you achieve the perfect crop.


Screens are used within a greenhouse for climate control purposes, among other things like protection against birds and insects. A broad range of screens can be provided along with options of combining multiple screens with one another within a single unit.

Horizontal screens

These screens are supported by an extremely solid drive mechanism that last for many years. Examples of horizontal screens include Energy Screens, Shade Screens, Assimilation Screens and Blackout Screens. We can also combine a number of horizontal screens (two or more layers) in a single greenhouse structure.

  • Energy screens
    To conserve energy within the greenhouse facility. The correct use of energy screens will enable you to keep the interior climate of your greenhouse firmly under control.

  • Shading Screens
    A shading screen, also known as a summer screen, provides natural ventilation for crops without direct exposure to sunlight.

  • Black-out screens and light reduction
    Used to tightly control blackout conditions in the greenhouse. In addition, they are low in maintenance and have a very long lifespan.

Roll screens and roof-roll screens

  • Vertical roll screens
    Roll screens are used for shading or energy-saving purposes or both. They can also be used for external light reduction or the prevention of outgoing light. The roll screens are operated by tube-motors or external motors.

  • Roof-roll screen
    Roof-roll screens are often installed in garden-centres and wide-span greenhouses. An advantages of roof-roll screens is the perfect circulation in temperature and climate, which give a favourable influence on the plants.
Insect screens

Used for preventing insects infecting crops. Insect fabrics come in many sizes and are used to control different types of insects. Bug screens are generally used to control large flying and crawling insects, whereas insect screens are generally used to control such small insects or microscopic type. Insect protection curtains are hung on walls and openings to prevent various sized insects from penetrating through the screen.